Born in former Yugoslavia and currently based in the Bay Area, CA, Nadezda Nikolova-Kratzer is a photographic artist experimenting with antiquarian and alternative processes. 

Her practice is informed by an intuitive approach to image making, and her interest in the image as object. “I am drawn to imagery where the physicality of the handmade object impacts the viewer’s experience and the medium itself shapes the storytelling. I often look to natural forms for inspiration, which reflects my connection to nature and concern for its survival in light of anthropogenic impacts on species and ecosystems. I am particularly drawn to illuminating forms that are seemingly mundane and easily overlooked, seeking to highlight their intrinsic significance as well as to impart new meanings.”

Over the years, Nikolova-Kratzer has focused on developing a distinct visual language using the 19th century wet plate collodion process to create experimental cameraless images. The fluidity of her chosen medium allows her to experiment and push photographic boundaries, in a pursuit to reveal the ordinary as something mysterious and extraordinary. “In my photogram work, I employ the duality of shadow and light, simplicity and intricacy, to explore themes of time, transience and life-cycles. These visual poems represent my “creative response to loss;” a search for beauty, even in the expired, fragmented, and broken; a manifestation of the unconscious.”



• “Celebrating the Creative Process: An Open Call,” PhotoPlace Gallery (Middlebury, VT, USA), Juror: Kat Kiernan
• “Unique: Alternative Processes,” A Smith Gallery (Johnson City, TX, USA), Juror: Christina Z Anderson
• “Silhouette,” Duncan Miller Gallery (YourDailyPhotograph.com; Santa Monica, CA, USA)
• “Fairy Tales & Nuclear Bombs (What Happened to the Summer of Love),” Lightbox Photographic Gallery (Astoria, OR, USA), Juror: Diane Fenster
• “Little by Little,” Art Intersection (Gilbert, AZ, USA), Juror: Dr. Julie Sasse
• “13th Annual National Alternative Process Competition,” SohoPhoto Gallery (New York, NY, USA), Juror’s Honorable Mention, Juror: Morgan Post.
• “Nothing Special,” L.A. Photo Curator, (http://www.laphotocurator.com/), Curator: Bree Lamb.
• “Other Worlds,” SE Center for Photography (Greenville, SC, USA), Juror: Tom Chambers.
• “Light Sensitive 2017 — Celebrating Images From The Darkroom,” Art Intersection (Gilbert, AZ, USA), Juror: Ann Jastrab.

• “Winged Synchronicity,” Duo exhibit with Kaden Kratzer, LightBox Photographic Fine Art & Printing (Astoria, OR, USA).
• “2016 Critical Mass” Finalist, Photolucida (Portland, OR).
• Co-juror with Kaden Kratzer for “Remnants: On the Edge of Avant-Garde and Antiquarian Photography” at LightBox Photographic Fine Art & Printing (Astoria, OR, USA).
• “Glass & Tin,” Don’t Take Pictures. Juror: Kat Kiernan (www.donttakepictures.com).
• “Intimate Alchemy: 2016 Annual Juried Exhibition,” Plates-to-Pixels. Juror: Blue Mitchell (platestopixels.com).

• “Book cover for CIRCE’S LAMENT: Anthology of Wild Women Poetry,” edited by Bianca Lynne Spriggs and Katerina Stoykova-Klemer.
• “Analog Mania 2015,” international group exhibition of wet plate collodion images (Timișoara, Romania)
• “Illuminate 2015,” The Center for Fine Art Photography (Fort Collins, CO, USA). Juror’s Honorable Mention and Director’s Selection. Juror: Elizabeth Avedon. Director: Hamidah Glasgow.
•” New Alchemy-Lexington Camera Club 2015,” Anne Wright Wilson Gallery, Georgetown College (Georgetown, KY, USA), part of the 2015 Louisville Photo Biennial.
• “ACTINIC” Festival dedicated to alternative, historic and new analogue photo related arts, operating under the banner of the Institute of Photography Scotland’s ‘Season of Photography ” as well as the UNESCO World Heritage ‘Year of Light’ (Scotland). Winner of 2nd place. Jurors: John McNaught, Karen Harvey, and Alex Boyd.
• “What’s Old Is New Again: Alternative Photographic Processes,” Gallery 136 1/2 at PhotoSynthesis (Manchester, CT, USA). Juror: Jill Enfield.
• “H2O,” A Smith Gallery (Johnston City, TX, USA). Juror: S Gayle Stevens.
• Revela-T: Photo Festival of Analog Photography (Vilassar de Dalt, Spain).
• Featured artist for Lexington Art League’s Spring CSA (Lexington, KY, USA).
• “Poetry in Place: An ongoing symposium on Southern poetry.” Oxford American.
• “Lens-less,” M S Rezny Studio & Gallery (Lexington, KY, USA).

• “Aura,” Lightbox Photographic (Astoria, Oregon, USA). Juror Michelle Rogers Pritzl.
• The HAND Magazine, Issue: 6.
• “Theme: ICON {Representations of Semiotics},”SEITIES (Calgary, Alberta, Canada). Juried exhibition and publication.
• “Altered Views,” Lightbox Photographic (Astoria, Oregon, USA), part of the 2014 Northwest Symposium for Alternative Process Photography. Juror S Gayle Stevens.


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Ultrashop, France. 


BS Environmental Sciences
Master of Public Administration